Just a silly little place for me to put my thoughts and art

My name's Embee or Pumpkin! I'm an artist/writer who's gotten really into coding lately :D


  • 8/23/23 - I added custom css to a few of the pages so that it's not all the same purple-orange-yellow colour scheme :D
    Also! I made some of my own little pixels and blinkies and added them :D
    The daisy and coffee pixels on the ramblings site were both made by me
  • 8/20/23 - I figured out how to add a custom cursor! Buuut gifs don't work. I'm testing out a css cursor code I found on some question-answering website, hopefully that works but I won't be able to see for a bit bc css takes a while to update :)
    EDIT: It didn't work :( Imma just use a not animated cursor
  • 8/9/23 - Got the images back!! Apparently the site I got most of my blinkies from is gone XP
    I managed to find an un-reloaded tab of my website though and download most of them, so we're good!
  • 8/7/23 - Working on the site again :P
    A lot of my images don't show up on mobile now so Imma try to fix that
  • date - Started actually making the website! I used sadgrl's layout generator for the base css
  • date - Made the site and promptly gave up because I didn't understand css
  • date - something